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Where’s Waldo? Waldo has been traveling the world to new and exotic places. The world meaning North Carolina and new and exotic places means driving my daughter to Durham everyday. Yes it has been quite a long time since we lasted chatted. Three years or so to be exact. There have been changes in my life. Some good and some not so good. For the most part, life has been pretty okay.

Here is a brief up-to-date on what’s happening in Casa de Davis. Ashley has moved on from middle school to high school. She is attending a charter high school in Durham. It’s a great school and she seems to be loving it. I am happy about how well she adjusted to high school life.

Rich has started a new job (well not so new) and he loves it. It’s still in television which he loves. Best part about the job, he can work from home.

Some sadness has struck our family too. My beloved cat Jaxs has passed away. We had him for fifteen years. When we first got him, he fit in the palm of my hand. when he died he was over 2 feet long and weighed 25 pounds. Here is my favorite picture of Jaxs.

Jaxs in Pittsburgh

Jaxs in Pittsburgh

After we grieved for our fallen comrade, we soon welcomed a new family member. Say hello to Jinx. Our Exotic Shorthair kitty. She is so much calmer than Jaxs and she snorts like a pig because of her pushed in face. Needless to say, she fits right in with the family.

Last but not least, we have come to me. I am doing okay. Still trying to figure out what to do with the last half of my life. Pretty soon I am going to have an empty nest which makes me sad and excited at the same time. Looking at all my options and thinking them through. I know I want to do something that has meaning. Something that will do good in the world. What that is, I have no clue. Hopefully I will figure it out.

Stay tuned and I promise to update more. In future posts I will share my thoughts on the new shows that are about little women and what I have been up to with my spare time(can you say ‘photography’). Take care and leave a comment or two. I would love to hear from you.

In the low country…


It’s that time of year again, a time that I anticipate with some nervousness. That’s right it’s, family vacation time. Why you ask I am not thrilled for vacation. For starters, I am sort of a hermit, second and most importantly it is a real pain-in-the ass. Going somewhere that is so not accommodating for someone who is four feet tall really sucks. I miss my bed, stools and easy access to the bathroom sink. At least this trip does not involve getting on a plane.


We are at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort. If you wondering where Hilton Head is located, just follow any rich old person from the northeast when the weather gets cold. It’s their first pitstop before Boca. A few never make it to Boca, they just camp out on the golf course.

The resort is rather nice. It’s more low key than Disney World. There is no Mickey meet and greets, no kids running around screaming on sensory overload and absolutely no princess except the ones from New York. It’s just a nice quite place with beach access and a killer pool.

We are a low key vacation type of family. You will not catch us playing golf, river rafting, zip lining or scaling mountains. Those activities are saved for the Roloff family and their TV show(and the medical team that goes with them).


The most exciting activity for us is mini golf. We are mini golf freaks! Rich usually wins followed by Ashley. I always come in last place. My attention span for the game only lasts until the 6th hole. Hello my name is Donna and I have mini golf ADD. By the eighth hole, I am starting to think about lunch or worse start talking pictures of the course, birds, ashley, fountains, etc. Rich is constantly telling me to pay attention. I am paying attention to koi fish in the pond.



All in all it is nice to get away, have a change of scenery and spend time with my best peeps. It was a fun trip but I am glad that tomorrow I will be home and in my own bed.

Have fun on all your family adventures this summer.


Back from the dead…..???

I am not one of those bloggers that are compelled to write about every fart, burp or hiccup that occurs in my life. If my life is running on the mundane side, I don’t feel the need to bore you with the details!

That’s how life has been going these days. Running its course without any (knock on wood) farts, burps or hiccups.
I like life this way! I am not a mama for drama.

Ashley is on break so we took a little trip to Charleston, SC and then to Atlanta. While in Atlanta, we visited the Georgia Aquarium. In my honest opinion it is the best aquarium ever. Trust me. You actually feel like you are one with the fish.The aquarium just opened a Dolphin show that is fantastic!If you are in the Atlanta area or going to Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium is a must!

While in Atlanta, I met up with my dearest friend from High School. She is the only person I am still close to from my childhood. Lisa has stuck with me through thick and thin over the years. She always had my back in High School. Nobody messed or teased me with Lisa around. She would have kicked their butts sideways! It was fun having our families meet at the Aquarium. Ashley loved meeting/playing with Lisa’s daughter and son. It is the best feeling in the world to see your children become friends with
your BFF’s kids!

I try to keep this blog as real as possible. I will not write stories that are not true for the sake of the blog. I want to give you a glimpse of what life is really like for a dwarf. There are no writers or TV producers making my life look glamorous and extraordinary. Sometimes life is boring no matter what height you are. If I don’t write for a while, life is just moving along. After all, dwarfs have boring periods of life just like everyone else!

On that note….

Until the next time something worth writing about happens, take care and be safe!

I am back!

Happy New Year to all! I am glad to say ‘I am back’! I took a break for a while to take care of myself. I am happy to say that I am twenty pounds lighter and still going down! I feel a thousand times better too. I am no longer tired and slug like. I am motivated to stay healthy.

I am also getting brave too. As you can see, I finally posted a pic of myself! What a shock! In the past, I have always hated pictures of myself. I just don’t like the way I look. I don’t know if this is a dwarf thing or a woman thing but it’s been a lifelong hang-up. My husband feels the same way too. Believe it or not we have never looked at our wedding video! We really don’t like to look at ourselves. I am getting better though. I allowed this picture to be taken of me when we were at Hilton Head in October. Oh by the way, I am 10 pounds lighter from when this picture was taken.

I apologize for being a bad blogger. I promise that will not happen again! Stay tuned because I feel 2011 is going to be very interesting!

Miss you all!


Freebie idea of the week

The weather was wonderful this past weekend. So wonderful that we just had to get out and enjoy. The question was what activity can we do that is fun and for free? hmmm…. Guess what I found that was fun and free.

Saturday, I went to the Apex Peak Festival. I had a blast. Admission was free and so was parking! We strolled down the street looking at all the craft vendors. There was free music from a great band. People were dancing in the street. It was a great family outing.

I know you are thinking festivals are not totally free DJD. Okay I did buy a lemonade and funnel cake but the costs were still minimal. You can enjoy the music and the atmosphere for free.

To find a local festival near you, go to All you have to do is plug-in your state and voila you have a big list of festivals.

The weather is warm and the sun is shining. Get out there and enjoy a local festival!

A girl and her shoes: The Carrie Bradshaw story……Maybe?

My shoe fetish is not as strong as Carrie Bradshaw’s but I do love a good pair of shoes. Being a dwarf whose shoe size is an adults 4 ½ and in children’s a size 3 makes it impossible to find the most fashionable styles. I do from time to time, hit it lucky and find a great pair of shoes.

There are a few times when being a dwarf pays off and buying kid shoes is one of those times. These days, kids shoe styles are more like adult. I can usually find the same style in kids as in adults. One of my new obsessions are Uggs. I can’t get enough of these wonderful shoes. My feet are always freezing in the winter and these are perfect for toasty feet. I paid half the price for these beauties because I bought the kid version not the adult. The adult version costs 120.00, the kid version were 60.00. Who cannot love a pair of Uggs for half price!

The next favorite brand that fit me is Dansko. Dansko are pricey but the quality is excellent. Dansko sizes follow the European size charts. Europeans must have small feet because a size 34 fits me like a glove. I had these clogs for over ten years. The clogs still look good. There is not much wear and tear.

My new additions are the Dansko sandals. As soon as I tried these on, I had to have them. I gave hubby my ‘sad sack’ face (which always works) and he said ‘okay get the sandals’! I was ready to marry him all over again for a pair of shoes.

The only thing I would love in my closet is a pair of stylish boots. Dwarfs cannot find stylish boots that fit. Children’s size boots don’t fit my calf and the adult boots are too big. If I could get the boots on, it would make me look like I am ready to feed hogs! They would come up to my hip if I can get the boot on at all! Not a pretty site. It is not a fashion statement I would like to make. I will leave the boots to Carrie.

Oh by the way, did any of you see the ‘Little Chocolatiers’ on TLC last night? I was not going to tune-in, but after watching ‘Lost’ I really needed to watch something happy! The show is about a dwarf couple that owns a chocolate shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. I don’t understand TLC’s obsession with dwarfs. I mean they run a business like everyone else does in America. So what they are short! I would love to try their candy but to me the show is not all that exciting.

The show seemed ‘staged’. You can tell by the reaction of the cast to certain situations that occurred. The wife (Katie Masterson) dropped a leg of a chocolate desk just as they were leaving for a delivery. Her reaction was rehearsed. After she dropped the leg, her line was ‘oh no, I dropped the leg, I have to hurry and make another one’. The line was delivered with little emotion. I am sure if you were getting ready for a delivery and dropped your order, there would be a few more words added other than ‘oh no’.

Another staged scene was a customer enters the shop and says ‘it’s cool that midgets make chocolate’. The customer must have some sick Willy Wonka fantasies! You can tell the scene was staged by the customer’s delivery of the line. The ‘actor’, I mean, ‘customer’ was laughing into the camera while saying the line. He was being coached by the director and there had to have been many takes done on the scene. The employees of the store didn’t flinch when the customer said the ignorant statement, which would have occurred in real life. The dwarf couple didn’t get all that upset. The couple did correct the customer that midget is not a correct term used to identify little people and that it is offensive to dwarves.The customer/actor then apologized (without any emotion), bought his candy and went on his way (exit stage left).

TLC is starting to go a little overboard with these shows. Again I love the ‘Littlest Couple’ because it is interesting beyond the dwarfism theme. Jen has a job not many of us ever heard about. C’mon we all watch Grey’s Anatomy, we love doctors to begin with. Now make the doctor a dwarf, it’s a slam-dunk! A couple that owns a store or has a baby, is not very interesting. TLC is starting to border on voyeurism. It is the sideshow channel being delivered into your home every night. It is sort of creepy.

I am starving and need some lunch. In future posts this week, I will show more scrapbook projects and maybe share the story of how my better half and I met. It’s a doozy! Bye for now!


The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and squirrels are doing the ‘nasty’ in my backyard. It is springtime in the South. I wish the squirrels would get a room! My daughter keeps asking why are the squirrels fighting so much.

My daughter tracked back into school today. Yes, I am doing the happy dance. I love her to death but having a child home for three weeks when the weather is crappy is not fun. I was scheduled to read to her class this afternoon but it was cancelled. A mom from my daughter’s class asked me if I could take her spot since she had other obligations. Her teacher just called me and told me that she has much work to get done and I do not have to come-in. Between me and you, I am sort of happy for the cancellation. I have avoided volunteering at new the school for several reasons. Mainly because my daughter is getting older and I don’t want her to feel more like odd ball out because her mom is a dwarf.

I know ..I is bad that I feel this way. I just want her to blend in for a while. To give her a break from explaining why her parents look different and why she doesn’t look at all like us. I know she will have to answer these questions soon. The move has been hard on her and she misses her old friends. I just wanted to make the transition easy at least for now. Some classmates know already from coming over to our house but the majority don’t.

This is my problem not hers. A couple of weeks ago, I asked her if kids tease her that her parents are dwarfs. She stared out the window for a minute and said I don’t bite the hook. I asked ‘What do you mean’. Ashley then told me that the teacher taught the class that if someone is teasing or saying something mean, just walk away ‘Don’t bite the hook’! At that moment I was proud of my daughter and sort of sad that she has to deal with this. I then asked if she minds that we are different. She replied ‘I love you mom’. That was enough for me.

When we were going through the adoption process for Ashley the director of the agency approached this subject. She told us to visualize an onion. First you peel off that the child is from another country, then you peel off that she is of another race, then in Ashley’s case, you peel off that Ashley has Turner’s syndrome and finally you peel off that she has dwarfs for parents. Then she asked how is your child going to deal with all those layers. My husband responded, she will take her lead from us. She will see that you have to get on with your life no matter what has been handed to you. That you need to put your pants on one leg at a time every day . You have to do the best you can with what you got and to never stop trying. The director then started to cry and said that was the best response she ever heard.

So I need to get over this and deal. Again this is my problem not hers. I need to take my daughter’s lead. I think I am going to email the teacher and ask her if I can read to the class soon. I know my daughter will love it.

Have a great week.

Review of Our Little Life

As I promised, a review of the TLC show ‘Our Little Life’. I don’t see anything special about this show. A young couple with baby is the subject. Big deal. There are millions of young couples with babies. I don’t see what is interesting about the show that would keep you watching. The wife who’s name is Becky, is irritating. She is another Kate Gosselin the way she talks to her husband. Craig, her husband, just stands around and takes care of the baby. He is a stay at home dad while she works as a customer service rep. Now being a stay at home dad is tough. I don’t doubt that. Interesting though it is not.

The other shows that feature dwarfs on TLC at least have something going on other than people who are short stature. The Roloffs have the farm and the crazy funny kids. The Littlest Couple has Jen who is a doctor and is running the NIC unit at her hospital(which kudos to her for that job). What is interesting about Becky and Craig, I can’t figure out. TLC will probably put them in weird situations and see how they react I guess. Becky and Craig are just living their life like everyone else with a baby. There is nothing earth shattering about the show!

One more irritating thought, the title of the show is demeaning. Our life is not little, it is as normal and as big as everyone else’s life. I think a better title would have been ‘Plus one’ or ‘Baby makes Three’. The title also treats the audience as if they were stupid. We get it, they are short, do you have to tell us with every show title.

On another note, I ticked a nut job off in the blogging world. What ticked this crazy woman off was that I have a tag line of when I post any comment on ANY discussion board/comment section. This sent this so called good Mormon girl into a tizzy. She has been the one posting negative comments on my blog and sending the most threatening emails to me. I want to call her bishop over this situation, that’s how bad her emails are getting. Basically she is a bully.

Believe it or not this so called christian woman is head of her relief society. Nice huh? How come it’s always the christian woman that are cruel and vicious?

My husband told me to take the ‘high road’ and leave it be. There are nut jobs in this world and I should just ignore the behavior. I am italian and it is very hard for me to have a thick skin.I will try in this case!

I will think of my weekend at Folly Beach, SC, maybe then I will forget this nasty witch!

Have a great day!

The life of Riley..really Jaxs

Let me introduce you to Jaxs. He is the laziest cat on the planet. All he does is eat and sleep. He doesn’t chase balls of yarn nor does he get excited by the birds that fly by the window. He has no worries other than when will his next feeding be.

He is not stressed out about health insurance, promoting a business or if Ashley is adjusting to her new surroundings.Again his main concern is getting Ashley down early in the morning to fill his food bowl.

Jaxs I am envious of you! I wish I had your life. Don’t we all!


The weather fits my mood today. Here is why. My daughter has a genetic condition called Turners Syndrome. Basically what the condition boils down to she will be short stature unless treated by a growth hormone injection. Since her body does produce the hormone just very slowly, she can get these injections safely.

Now to why I am frustrated. Every year you have to get a new prescription for the growth hormone. The prescription will last a whole year. It is set-up this way so you can just order the medicine when needed. Since moving not only did we need to get a new prescription but also had to have our address changed with Eli-Lilly who monitors the program. UNC Children’s health was to handle all the changes and told me back in OCTOBER this was completed. For some reason, UNC never did the change of address for us and only wrote the prescription script for January not the whole year! This is a major pain-in-the-ass because now I have to go through the approval process again with the pharmaceutical company.

Since I have been trying to resolve this issue since January, I am about out of time and patience. Yesterday when I called UNC and asked the person at UNC Endocrinology what went wrong and when will it be resolved, her response was very vague(vague meaning that you can hear the air floating around her brain). I then asked for her supervisor to which she laughed. After giving me her supervisor’s name and number, she told me there was nothing she can do today for my problem!

To make a long story short, my third call to the supervisor’s voice mail to which I threatened to call UNC Patient Relations over this matter, I finally got a call back. She apologized for her employee and herself. She told me she is going to look into this issue first thing in the morning and get right back to me.

Well, that was yesterday and it’s 10:42 and I still haven’t heard. Folks we have a broken healthcare system. I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democratic or Independent, we should all get behind reform. I want a reliable system that flows and one that we don’t have to get bogged down with paper. Costs too should be kept in check. These injections cost $1000.00 a vial and my out of pocket is $200.00 a month. The only people benefiting from this system is the fat cat health providers and the insurance companies. At one time everyone is going to have a health crisis and if you have insurance or not, you will have a fun time trying to get your procedures and medicine approved. We need reform and we need reform NOW.

Getting a little political brings me to the cool place I went to on Sunday with my neighbors. My new neighbors are precinct chairs for the Democratic Party of Raleigh. There is going to be a run-off in November for the State Congressional seat for this precinct. The Democratic nominee is the incumbent Chris Haggerty. Sunday was the kick off for his campaign.The campaign kick off was held at the Goodwin house. The Goodwin house is the home of the Democratic party for the State of North Carolina. I loved going into this house. I love old architecture. Old architecture will be another topic, another time.

It was a very interesting meeting. I found out that our precinct is not interested in education, taxes or jobs but puppy mills! My face dropped when Mr.Haggerty said this is the number one issue his office gets inquiries for. I just couldn’t believe it. Now don’t get me wrong, I am against puppy mills but I think there are more pressing issues going on especially in Wake County. Our school superintendent just quit, many companies in RTP are laying off and everyone is worried about their taxes going up(or at least, I thought).

Now his republican opponent is not addressing any of the issues that I stated above. The republican platform is secession from the United States. I am not kidding. The republican candidate wants North Carolina to secede from the United States!

This meeting was a real eye opener for me. I didn’t know puppy mills and secession were the biggest issues facing North Carolinians! If you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Martian, we as Americans need to get involved in our government. This madness needs to stop and the only people that can do this is us. Remember we are ‘we the people’. If we don’t get involved, the wheel will stay broken. Go out and find out who is in your local level of government and find out what are the local level issues. I promise you will be as surprised as I was.