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Dwarfism 101

One of my goals is to use this blog to dispel some of the misconceptions people have of the dwarf community. People unfortunately get the stereotypical conception of little people due to ignorance. Ignorance comes from how we are portrayed in movies and television.

Let me first start off with the Wikipedia meaning of dwarfism.Dwarfism is short stature resulting from an abnormal medical condition. It is sometimes defined as an adult height of less than 4 feet 10 inches although this definition is problematic because short stature in itself is not a disease.

Dwarfism can be caused by over 200 distinct medical conditions and as such the symptoms and characteristics of individual dwarfs vary greatly. The most common of these conditions is Achondroplasia. I am an achondroplasia dwarf. 70% of the dwarfs in America are Achondroplasia. In Achondroplasia the trunk is normally sized with the limbs being disproportionately short, the head being larger than usual, and the forehead being prominent. Other popular types of dwarfism are Diastrophic Dysplasia and Pseudoachondroplasia . My husband falls under the Diastrophic Dysplasia type. His diagnosis is Kneist syndrome which is a really rare form of dwarfism.

Now to our question and answer section. I am going to answer some of the common questions I get asked when people first meet me.

1. Is your family like you? In most cases the answer is ‘No’. My family is average size. Average size people have dwarf babies(I know you are shocked). One in every 40,000 births an Achondroplasia baby is born. Kneist is one in every 500,000 births. My husband is truly a rare find and wasn’t I Iucky to find him!

2.Do you live in a small house? Okay the two times I was asked this my reply was ‘Where the hell do you think I live?’ ‘Do you think I live in Lilliput?’. Honestly folks do not be that ignorant. We live in normal houses in normal neighborhoods. Our houses may have some adaptive equipment but the houses are what you live in not playhouses.

3.Is your furniture small? Again I refer back to the Lilliput reference. Unless I am missing something when I go to Lazy Boy or Ethan Allen, furniture comes in one size. I do not buy my furniture from the Kebbler Elves. Lazy Boy offers better financing than the Kebbler Elves. Those Elves rip you off!

4.Where do you buy your Clothes? Same stores you do. After we buy clothes, they have to be tailored. This is the part that most little people get ticked at. We pay double the price for our clothing because of the tailoring involved. It sucks but you can’t go around naked.

5. Why can’t I call you Midget? The term Midget is very offense to us. It is exactly like using the ‘N’ word to describe African Americans. Not cool and very derogatory. It is also an off base reference. A midget is in proportion and is very short. Again probably the dwarf you are seeing is Achondroplasia which are not in proportion. Midgets are no longer in existence since discovering that they can grow through injections of growth hormones. So please teach your kids to use terms like ‘little people’ or ‘dwarfs’ when describing people like me.

6. If you have kids, will they be little like you? Yes and no. If two dwarfs have a baby. The baby has a 50/50 chance of being a dwarf. If a dwarf and an average height person have a baby, the chance is 25%. Now here is where it gets complicated. If two dwarfs of different types have a baby, the chances are 25% for each type of dwarfism, 25% of having both dwarfism characteristics(which is really bad health wise) and 25% it will be average size. The part that the baby can have both types of dwarfism, lead me and my husband to the decision to adopt.

7.Finally ‘Do you have Sex’? Given my answer for number 6, yes. I will not get into the specifics. I will let your dirty little mind go wild with this question.

Also another pet peeve of mine, we all don’t look alike. Everyone mistakes us for another dwarf they have seen. I have been mistaken for Amy Roloff, the dog trainer from Pet Smart and worse the horrible check out lady at the grocery store. I don’t have blonde hair so I am not Amy Roloff. The Pet smart girl was about a foot shorter than me and had green eyes. I can’t even describe to you what the checkout girl at the Giant Eagle looked like(Hagar the horrible comes to mind). I know my girlfriends in Pittsburgh are laughing now. So please make sure it is the dwarf you know before going ‘Hey you worked late last night at the Giant Eagle!’. Ugghhh….!

I hope that I cleared up some misconceptions. I love having this blog and I feel it will be a great way to spread correct information about dwarfs.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned. I promise a scrapbooking Project soon!

Fat Tuesday

It’s Fat Tuesday, the day we Catholics get to party before Lent starts. As usual Rich and I are giving up fried food for Lent. For non-Catholics, Ash Wednesday signifies the start of Lent. Lent is the six weeks before Easter Sunday. During these six weeks, you are supposed to sacrifice something you love. This sacrifice is to acknowledge that God sacrificed his son for us. It is a time of reflection in the Catholic church.

So back to fat Tuesday. We decide to get our wing craving fix before we had to give them up. We went to Buffalo Wings and Rings for lunch.

This is tough. This is what I am giving up. I don’t know about this. I am only human.

I asked my daughter what she is giving up. I suggested some items like Spongebob or the need to eat candy 24-7. She had a better idea. She is giving up brushing her teeth! I told her this was not an option. She is still thinking about her options. I will let you know her decision.

On the homefront, one thing dwarfs can do to earn extra money. You want to know what it is? NO it’s not that(get your mind out of the gutter!). Rent out the tops of their Kitchen Cabinets!

Unfortunately this house has more top cabinets than low. Which sucks from my perspective. I should just rent them out to the neighborhood and make money! What do you think? You know how much money us little people can make? I bet a ton.

I finally got to go to Archivers(reasons why I am thinking of ways to make more money). The new CHA items are in. My next post will show you my findings.

Take care and please eat some fried food for me!

Happy VD to everyone!

That line was a lot funnier in high school. Anyway, Happy Valentines day! I hope you all have a sweetie who treated you well today! I did. My daughter actually bought me a valentine! Usually she just buys for her daddy!

As I promised, I will answer the number one question presented to dwarfs when approached by average size people. How do we drive? It’s very simple. We have pedal extenders that attach to the regular car pedals.

A man named Chuck Secor out in California made these great easy to attach pedals. If you are semi-mechanical, you can attach them yourself. Since my husband and I are not, we have the dealership attach them for us.

Here is a picture of my husband’s car with the attachments.

This is how his seat is setup. He needs pillows to push his height up in the car. I have the opposite problem. I can see out the window well but I cannot sit all the way back. My pillows go as back cushions.

This is my car. I would show you the inside but it’s a ‘mom mobile’. It has candy wrappers, lollipop sticks, broken Polly Pockets and other assorted junk spread all over. It’s a mess. I promised my husband come springtime, I will get it cleaned.

Funny story today about director Kevin Smith that I would like to share with you. For those who don’t know who Kevin Smith is he is a director/writer out of my home state of New Jersey. He wrote such movies as Clerks and Dogma. I love his movies because it’s Jersey humor.

Today he posted on twitter that he was thrown off of a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Burbank because he was too fat. He was tossed off after he was seated on the plane and everyone on the plane recognized him as ‘Silent Bob’. Can you believe everyone on the plane saw Silent Bob get told to leave because he was fat! That is too much. The irony was that the let him board the next flight out of Oakland. So what was the point other than to humiliate the poor guy. My heart goes out to you Kevin and to anyone else who has been wronged by the airline industry.

My husband just informed me that he ate all his candy and is looking at mine. So I must leave. I hope you have a romantic night ahead. I am getting ready to watch the Amazing Race! Have fun!

Snow Again….

I thought I moved from Pittsburgh to get away from this weather! It must have followed me. I was going to go to Archivers today to see if they have the new papers from the Craft and Hobby show but the weather has foiled my plans. Hopefully I will be able to get out soon.

Until then you can look at the Valentine card I made from old stash. I used old rub-ons from Making Memories, letters from American Crafts, cardstock and the new flocking powder from Martha Stewart on the chipboard heart. It only took about 10 minutes to make this card. It’s really easy to do.

Later I will post pics about how us short folks drive. That is a popular question when folks first meet me. I also notice many nose smudge marks on my car windows. I am cool with that.

Take care and talk to you later!

I love antibiotics(and the doctors who give them)

When we lived in Virginia, I had a physician that never believed in giving me antibiotics. One time my husband and I both had bronchitis and went to see this physician. He came out with literally a bag full of drugs, me nothing. I was told your body is handling it well and your co-pay is 20.00.

After ten nights of coughing up a lung and swearing I saw St.Peter judging my past sins, I went back to this physician. Still the witch would not give me anything. Her diagnosis was I see a slight improvement and your copay is 20.00. I tried to explain that I had toddler and really did not want to leave the child motherless. She still stated ‘No medicine for you’.

Now to present day North Carolina. I have had this cold-sinus infection on and off since Christmas. I refused to go to the doctor because I knew it would be a waste of time. Finally, my husband made the appointment yesterday and forced me to go.

I love this new doctor. Why? He gave me antibiotics! I know the medical community touts the overuse of antibiotics and how it will bring an apocalyptic end to society as we know it. I say oh screw that theory! I feel better today and that’s what matters!

Things I miss in Pittsburgh

There are some things I truly miss about Pittsburgh. I definitely do not miss the weather! Especially this winter! I miss the good friends I made while living in the ‘burgh’. Going to coffee with the girls was my favorite activity.

What I miss the most was my house. It was the first house that we had customized for me! We had the cabinets lowered to 30 inches. The sink was lowered to the same height. It was wonderful being able to reach the sink without a step stool. I loved just standing at my center island chopping vegetables. No equipment required other than a knife and cutting board.

This is the kitchen I have now. We had to change the oven for safety reasons. The controls were on the back of the oven and I really didn’t want to catch my ta-tas on fire while I was cooking! That would not be fun. So the only modification was a slide back stove with all the controls on the front.

This is my current sink. I pray every time I climb up a stool with a boiling pot of water that I don’t spill it on myself. It’s a balancing act that even Barnum & Bailey would envy. If I did spill it that would be a real ‘witch’ (okay I really meant the ‘b’ word).

Maybe one day we will modify this kitchen but we are holding off for now. So in the meantime I will pray that I don’t burn off eyebrows, ta-tas or other important body parts.

Another Angry Dwarf

Hi to all the good people of webby land. I am DJD. I am a dwarf(yes I really am). I don’t live in Lilliput but I do live in North Carolina with my family. I am a scrapbooker, photographer, mom, and an entrepreneur. My life is filled with a lot of humor that I will be sharing. Hey I am four feet tall, of course there will be humor.

I will try to debunk some myths about dwarfs and will show you a slice of my life. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Hopefully you will realize that your family is not so screwed-up after all..well maybe you will realize that you are more screwed up than you thought!…

First Myth…We really don’t live in trees and bake cookies! Nor do we look like this:

I promise you that there is not a dwarf in the world that looks this!

Bye for now!