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It’s been awhile….

Hey, How are ya? I know I know…I have been a very bad blogger. I haven’t posted in a long time. Life has been moving slow and I just needed time to unplug.

There has not been much excitement going on in North Carolina. In fact, it has been down right boring.The weather has been dreadful. It is hot and I mean HOT! Sunday the temperature was 103 with 100% humidity. We have been staying indoors playing Xbox and scrapbooking. It’s been so hot, that I haven’t cooked much either.

While locked up, I was inspired to do some summer pages.The first page is about my daughter turning 9. I cannot believe that my baby turned nine this year. I wanted to capture who she is right now. What does she like to do and who she is right now. I wrote down some questions and had her in her own writing answer. Ashley does not have the best penmanship in the world, so I had her practice writing the answers before writing them on the actual page. For this project I used my favorite new line Basic Grey ‘Basic’.I love love love this line! It is really cool for school pages or when you want to document milestones. Other page elements are K&Company chipboard and Prima flowers. I wanted a doodling effect for the photo matt. I stamped pink swirls before adhering the pictures. The title was done with a digital font which I enhanced with a gel pen.

The second layout is a vacation page. During the summer we love playing miniature golf. It is our favorite summer pastime! Here is a layout showing our last mini golf outing in Myrtle Beach. For this page, I went retro. I used magic mesh for underneath the title to give a gritty look to the page. Magic Mesh is a product that is hard to find. I used it a lot when I first started scrapbooking. The patterned paper again is Basic Grey . It’s their ‘Boxer’ line. The letters and brads are also Basic Grey. Green was the theme of the layout because golf is the color green!

I also have been getting into some real trashy reality tv. My new favorite is ‘Real Housewives of NJ’. As if you didn’t know that already! As Teresa Guidice would say ‘I love love love this show’. The Manzo family so reminds me of the people I grew up with in NJ. They are just good salt of the earth family types. I would love to sit and eat with this family(especially if Caroline is cooking). Of course there is the villain of the show which is Danielle Staub. Danielle reminds me of the girls who used to hang out in the smoking lounge of my high school. You know the types. Been around the block a few times and stink to high heaven of pot and cigarettes. This is who I hope my daughter doesn’t turn into later in life. Still in all, love all the gals and as they say in Jersey ‘Jersey Girls rule the World’!

That’s been my life in a nutshell. So what have you been doing? What are your summer plans? I promise I will stay on top of the blog this summer. It will be tough but us Jersey girls can do anything.

Back to scrapbooking…

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day. My family took me out to my favorite restaurant PF Changs. My husband had the foresight to make reservations. It was the smart thing to do because the wait was over 2 hours for a table! We were seated as soon as we arrived and the service was first class. The food was awesome and I was very happy being with my family.

Last week, I worked on several scrapbook projects. I would like to show you step by step how I construct a page and where my ideas come from. My inspiration for this project came from my trip to DC last year. Ashley and I took a tour of DC. It was Ashley’s first visit and she loved it.

First step in planning a layout is picking the papers that will be used. All my layouts are 12×12, unless I am working on mini-albums. I usually choose a sheet of patterned paper and a coordinating solid background. For this layout I used pattern paper from Making Memories ‘Passport’ collection and sky blue card stock from Bazzill Basics.

To make the pattern paper ‘pop’ from the background, I inked the edges of the paper. I pick a darker shade than the colors being used but still within the same color palette. I love Tim Holtz’s Distress Inks. The Inks are great for outlining papers and elements.

Next step is to work on the title. You need to choose where your title is going to go on the page. The title defines the layout of the page. Make sure it is what catches the eye first. For this project, I am going to stamp the words ‘Washington DC’ on the map. I first stamped the title on a piece of scratch paper to see if the ink and title will work. It’s important to stamp your colors on a scratch paper first because you can’t erase ink! Once you are satisfied with the look and color then you are ready to add the title to your layout.

Finally it’s time to work with the photos. I first lay all the photos(and I mean all) on the layout. Next I start to move photos around, take photos off and add page elements. This process maybe repeated several times before I start adhering the photos. I want the pictures to tell a story so it is important to get the right placement in the layout.

After I adhere photos, I add my journaling then I am done. Depending on techniques used, it takes me an hour to two hours to do a two-page layout. This is a beginners way of doing pages. More advance techniques will come soon.

On a different note, for safety reasons I had to remove last week’s blog post. I should have thought it through more before I posted. I guess I was just really angry. If you have questions or want information on how to protect your child, please email me. I will be glad to help.

Have a great week and we will talk soon!

School Pages

Another fun filled week has passed. Ashley has been keeping me busy. This time of year is always busy with kids. There are plenty of school activities, church going-ons and sports that keeps a family moving. I did manage to get a little scrapbooking in this week.

I am a chronological scrapbooker. I scrapbook annual events such as birthdays, holidays and unique activities. I also keep a separate heritage album for old family photos and an album about me(things I like, think about, wish for).

I do not keep a separate scrapbook for school years. I think it is just too much to deal with. What I do is during the school year, I hold on to special papers, artwork and accomplishments that I want to save. I also keep a class picture that corresponds with the grade.

I then make a scrapbook page that describes the particular school year. For second grade, I used Ashley’s school picture. The unique project for second grade was making a dinosaur habitat. It was her first science project, so I took a picture of it. This was my focal point of the grade page.

The 2nd page of the layout is the pocket page that holds all the memorabilia from the year. The memorabilia ranged from art work, certificates earned and papers she did well on. Now of course you can’t keep every paper from a school year! You would go nuts if you did. Pick out the papers that stick out, that make you proud of your child. The papers you want to remember later in life when your dear sweet child decides to join a rock band and move to Berlin! Only kidding! Here is the pocket page I made. The school bus diecut is from Cricut’s ‘Stretch your Imagination’ cartridge. I continued with the same lime green cardstock and patterned paper from the first layout.

I believe this is the best way to preserve school memories. It’s easy and quick. You’ll be glad you did!

One last thought. Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow. I have to get blood work done which I hate! They can never find my veins so they have to draw it from my hand. My hand usually swells afterwards and hurts! I hate it! I am actually getting sick to my stomach tonight thinking about it. Wish me luck. Talk to you tomorrow.

Under the weather

This has been a bad health week for me. It started on Monday when I went grocery shopping. I shopped at a different store than usual. I am assuming that the store was built on a concrete slab because my back and hips were killing me by the end of the excursion. I mean my spine was throbbing from my tailbone to my neck! It freaked me out a little. The pain lasted until the next day.

On Tuesday I made beef fajitas. The fajitas were awesome and my family loved it. I am not a real big red meat eater. Maybe once every three months I eat red meat. Now mind you I am not one of those tofu lovin granola types. I just am not into the taste and my family has a history of high cholesterol. Around 4 in the morning, I had the most wicked stomach cramps! I thought I was going to die that’s how bad they were. This always happens when I don’t eat red meat for long periods of time. Before the Fajitas, I think the last time I had red meat was back in November. Wednesday was a wash between the arthritis and stomach cramps.

Today, I woke up with my head swirling. I almost couldn’t stand up. I haven’t had vertigo this bad since I lived in Virginia. My head feels so full, like the ocean is crashing against my brain. Today I cannot be sick. I have a conference/luncheon to go to with my husband and I have to take Ashley to karate. Not a good day to be sick! I took some sinus medicine which is starting to work. I hate it when I am sick. Everything falls behind.

I did manage to apply for some good jobs that I hope I get an interview. I also pulled out my Cricut machine. I love the Cricut for scrapbooking. I usually do a few projects at one time since I don’t have dedicated place for my machine. My favorite cartridge is Pagoda. The cartridge is a new release. You can use it for spring pages, girly pages and summer. I love when you can get more out of your cartridges since they are so damn expensive!

Here is what I made. I am going to use the diecuts for end of school page, school year in review and our trip to Washigton DC.
I will post later this week the pages I make.

I have to go get ready for this conference. Take care and I hope you are having a better week than me!

Acrylic Album

I finally finished the mini album! This was my first venture with acrylic and to be honest, not a big fan. The paint sort of chips and the rub-ons can be pulled off. The album is a combination of an acrylic album that I got from AC Moore and the Cosmo Cricket’s Blackboard Mini Album. I combined the two because I had many pictures I wanted to use. I used many scraps from all different manufacturers for the album. I dug into my ‘stash’ (if you are seasoned scrapbooker, you know what I mean) for the embellishments. I tied AC ribbon to the rings to give it pizazz. I am not too pleased with the outcome of this project.

I totally screwed up this page. I like the page on the left with the boat. On the right side, you can see the paper backing from the next page. You have to match up all you papers when using acrylic. I was not paying attention.

The Charleston pages came out okay. I love the vintage look of the tags. The tags are from 7 Gypsies. The rub-ons were coming off, so I stuck the picture on top which helped.

All in all, not too thrilled with the outcome of this album. If anyone has acrylic tips, please share in the comments section.


Creative Chaos….

My desk is a mess. My laundry room is a mess with piles of laundry that needs to be folded. I need to finish a questionnaire for a fellow blogger. I can’t seem to get caught up this week. Can you tell my daughter is still home from winter break?

I have been trying to get an acrylic mini album done. It’s an album about the places we go. As I have said before I love small albums. The focal point for the album is easy which makes the coming together part simple. I just don’t have the time this week to finish it nor to start on other projects.

Again I am being pulled away from the things I need to get done. My daughter begged me to take her to see ‘Alice in Wonderland’. She is bored out of her mind AGAIN. So off to the movies I go. I love her to death but boy I can’t wait for Monday when she goes back to school!

Gotta go. Hopefully my wash will be folded when I come home.
I know wishful thinking…..

It’s Tuesday..

My daughter has been on vacation/tracked out for the past week and I am about done with hearing ‘I am bored’! You see my daughter goes to year round school. It is a new experience for both me and my daughter. This is how year round school works. Kids go to school for 9 weeks(track-in) then on the tenth week they are tracked out for three weeks vacation. There are four different tracks that kids are assigned to. Each track has a different track-in/track-out calendar. I know it’s very confusing, it was to us and still is.

You are now probably wondering when do they get promoted to the next grade if it’s a year round calendar. The county sets a school year end date of June 30th for all tracks. The new school year starts a week after the year end date.

Wake County schools have year round calendar because it reduces class size and the need to build new schools. My daughter is in track 2 which is not a popular track because of the way their track-out calendar falls. Since her track is not popular her class is small.There is only 22 kids in her class. Due to the class size being small they get to try different things like team time.

That was the positive side of all year round school. The negative is my daughter is home from school in the middle of February when the weather is lousy. Another minus is her summer vacation isn’t until the very end of August so she goes to school for most of the summer.What else I hate is that all the kids in the neighborhood are on different tracks. When she is tracked out, she really doesn’t have any playmates.

As you can tell, I am not a big fan of year round school. It’s just another thing I am trying to get used to since the move.

Even though my time has been spent as activity director, I was able to get a little scrapbooking done this week. Here is the page I created using the new Basic Grey line ‘Origins’. The title is in a Journaling block from the line as well as the brads used. In the journaling area I used Jenni Bowlin buttons and calendar. I love the look of the Jenni Bowlin calendar cards. In fact I love most of the vintage items coming out on the market. My favorite vintage company is 7 Gypsies. AC Moore now sells 7 Gypsies which made me very excited today(I know I lead a very boring life).

Last night I watched one of my favorite shows ‘The Little Couple’ on TLC. It’s about a newly married dwarf couple. The wife(Jen) is a doctor and the husband(Bill) runs his own business. I love this show because it so reminds me of me and my husband.The dynamics between them is exactly like us. Bill tries to fix something and then Jen comes home and changes everything around! Just like Me and Rich. I have a six degree connection to Jen. My doctor in Pittsburgh was her professor at Pitt. She told me that Jen was a very determined young lady. You can definitely tell that she is a good doctor! You must check it out. It is really a good show!

I must go, I need to think about dinner. Hope you are having a great week!

Winter CHA Releases

Finally made it to Archivers. I was looking for the new Cosmo Cricket line Material Girl but they didn’t have it yet. I did find the new Basic Grey Origins line, Serendipity line from K&Company and the Tattered Angels glimmer mist.

If you go to the back of Archivers, you can score some sweet deals on product! These Items were in the $1.99 bins! American Crafts mini album, Cosmo Cricket Ever After Stickers and Love Notes from Making Memories were all in the bins. I always check the back first for the deals!.

Later this week, I will make a page layout with some of these goods and show you what I created.

Until then I made this layout last week. It is layout about my old(sigh,,,,) house in Pittsburgh. I used Cosmo Cricket’s Early Bird and Bazzill Swiss Dots paper. For the embellishments, I used antique buttons from my mom’s button jar. I cleaned and shined the buttons before putting on the page. For the journaling blog, I used a graph paper and used red ink for the font color. Pretty cool looking huh!

It’s still freezing outside. Why don’t you stay inside and create! Let me know how it comes out.

Mini Books are My Favorite

I love creating mini scrapbooks. They are topic specific thus easy to organize. If you have all your materials and pictures gathered, you can assemble the books within 2 hours. You can utilize your paper scraps which is wonderful.
Mini scrapbooks can also make wonderful gifts(Think baby books for new moms, anniversary party books, birthday party , etc.).

Below is a scrapbook I made about Pittsburgh. When we were moving, I wanted my daughter to have a keepsake of all our favorite Pittsburgh activities.

For the scrapbook itself, I used Cosmo Cricket’s Blackboard mini book. I added a few extra pages with black cardstock. The title of the scrapbook I put right on the photo using Photoshop elements. You can now use almost any photo editing software to add titles to pages. In later blog entries, I will show you how.

The best thing about mini books is that you can use your scraps. I had left over sweetheart paper scraps from the Making Memories line and just an inch of ribbon.

For the journaling tags, I wanted a vintage-aged look. I accomplished this by taking a piece of white 12×12 cardstock and soaked it in very black tea. Regular old black tea does wonders if you want an aged look. It
also does wonders if you are trying to age fabric too. Once dried, I used an old typewriter font and printed out all my journaling tags on the aged sheet. I also put a border around each journaling block which can be
done using Microsoft Word.

For embellishments, I used old buttons, cut-outs from cardstock as well as mementos. Above I used the ticket stub from the exhibit.

As you can see mini scrapbooks are easy. You can let your imagination run wild on a small canvas and never feel overwhelmed by the project. Now go and try it. Let me know how it turns out.

Dwarves Have Hobbies, Too

I come from a long line of crafty people. My grandmother was a quilter. She would make quilts for all the underprivileged families of her church. She was mormon so I believe quilting was in her blood. My mom is a knitter,stitcher and a quilter. She would make great sweaters and the warmest quilts in the world. She also altered all my clothing while growing up(and that was a lot)!

This is the baby quilt she made for my daughter Ashley. Ashley still cuddles in it when she is sick.

My craft passions are different than my mom’s and grandma’s. I love photography and scrapbooking. Some girls get turned on from buying a pair of Jimmy Choo. My fetish is walk down the scrapbook aisle in Michaels!
The sight of paper and embellishments just makes me tingle to my toes!

Scrapbooking is a way to tell your story. It is a personal journey through memorabilia and photographs that you are preserving for your family. I truly love this hobby and will be happy to share it with you.

Here is my basic recipe for a scrapbook page layout:

This is a really simple layout. Pick three of the best pictures you have that tell the story. The best picture of the three is your focal point picture. It must be bigger than the other two pictures. After you arrange your pictures, you need to
add journaling to your page to best explain the background and date behind the story your are telling.

Here is an example of my simple layout.

I did exclude journaling on this page because I felt the pictures tell the story. You can switch the title to either be on the top or bottom of your page. This was fun to do. I used the Cricut for the fan designs and
for the title.

In future posts I will share more techniques as well as some of my other talents.

So why don’t you try scrapbooking. You will love the journey it will take you to.