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I love antibiotics(and the doctors who give them)

When we lived in Virginia, I had a physician that never believed in giving me antibiotics. One time my husband and I both had bronchitis and went to see this physician. He came out with literally a bag full of drugs, me nothing. I was told your body is handling it well and your co-pay is 20.00.

After ten nights of coughing up a lung and swearing I saw St.Peter judging my past sins, I went back to this physician. Still the witch would not give me anything. Her diagnosis was I see a slight improvement and your copay is 20.00. I tried to explain that I had toddler and really did not want to leave the child motherless. She still stated ‘No medicine for you’.

Now to present day North Carolina. I have had this cold-sinus infection on and off since Christmas. I refused to go to the doctor because I knew it would be a waste of time. Finally, my husband made the appointment yesterday and forced me to go.

I love this new doctor. Why? He gave me antibiotics! I know the medical community touts the overuse of antibiotics and how it will bring an apocalyptic end to society as we know it. I say oh screw that theory! I feel better today and that’s what matters!

Things I miss in Pittsburgh

There are some things I truly miss about Pittsburgh. I definitely do not miss the weather! Especially this winter! I miss the good friends I made while living in the ‘burgh’. Going to coffee with the girls was my favorite activity.

What I miss the most was my house. It was the first house that we had customized for me! We had the cabinets lowered to 30 inches. The sink was lowered to the same height. It was wonderful being able to reach the sink without a step stool. I loved just standing at my center island chopping vegetables. No equipment required other than a knife and cutting board.

This is the kitchen I have now. We had to change the oven for safety reasons. The controls were on the back of the oven and I really didn’t want to catch my ta-tas on fire while I was cooking! That would not be fun. So the only modification was a slide back stove with all the controls on the front.

This is my current sink. I pray every time I climb up a stool with a boiling pot of water that I don’t spill it on myself. It’s a balancing act that even Barnum & Bailey would envy. If I did spill it that would be a real ‘witch’ (okay I really meant the ‘b’ word).

Maybe one day we will modify this kitchen but we are holding off for now. So in the meantime I will pray that I don’t burn off eyebrows, ta-tas or other important body parts.

Mini Books are My Favorite

I love creating mini scrapbooks. They are topic specific thus easy to organize. If you have all your materials and pictures gathered, you can assemble the books within 2 hours. You can utilize your paper scraps which is wonderful.
Mini scrapbooks can also make wonderful gifts(Think baby books for new moms, anniversary party books, birthday party , etc.).

Below is a scrapbook I made about Pittsburgh. When we were moving, I wanted my daughter to have a keepsake of all our favorite Pittsburgh activities.

For the scrapbook itself, I used Cosmo Cricket’s Blackboard mini book. I added a few extra pages with black cardstock. The title of the scrapbook I put right on the photo using Photoshop elements. You can now use almost any photo editing software to add titles to pages. In later blog entries, I will show you how.

The best thing about mini books is that you can use your scraps. I had left over sweetheart paper scraps from the Making Memories line and just an inch of ribbon.

For the journaling tags, I wanted a vintage-aged look. I accomplished this by taking a piece of white 12×12 cardstock and soaked it in very black tea. Regular old black tea does wonders if you want an aged look. It
also does wonders if you are trying to age fabric too. Once dried, I used an old typewriter font and printed out all my journaling tags on the aged sheet. I also put a border around each journaling block which can be
done using Microsoft Word.

For embellishments, I used old buttons, cut-outs from cardstock as well as mementos. Above I used the ticket stub from the exhibit.

As you can see mini scrapbooks are easy. You can let your imagination run wild on a small canvas and never feel overwhelmed by the project. Now go and try it. Let me know how it turns out.

Dwarves Have Hobbies, Too

I come from a long line of crafty people. My grandmother was a quilter. She would make quilts for all the underprivileged families of her church. She was mormon so I believe quilting was in her blood. My mom is a knitter,stitcher and a quilter. She would make great sweaters and the warmest quilts in the world. She also altered all my clothing while growing up(and that was a lot)!

This is the baby quilt she made for my daughter Ashley. Ashley still cuddles in it when she is sick.

My craft passions are different than my mom’s and grandma’s. I love photography and scrapbooking. Some girls get turned on from buying a pair of Jimmy Choo. My fetish is walk down the scrapbook aisle in Michaels!
The sight of paper and embellishments just makes me tingle to my toes!

Scrapbooking is a way to tell your story. It is a personal journey through memorabilia and photographs that you are preserving for your family. I truly love this hobby and will be happy to share it with you.

Here is my basic recipe for a scrapbook page layout:

This is a really simple layout. Pick three of the best pictures you have that tell the story. The best picture of the three is your focal point picture. It must be bigger than the other two pictures. After you arrange your pictures, you need to
add journaling to your page to best explain the background and date behind the story your are telling.

Here is an example of my simple layout.

I did exclude journaling on this page because I felt the pictures tell the story. You can switch the title to either be on the top or bottom of your page. This was fun to do. I used the Cricut for the fan designs and
for the title.

In future posts I will share more techniques as well as some of my other talents.

So why don’t you try scrapbooking. You will love the journey it will take you to.