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Review of Our Little Life

As I promised, a review of the TLC show ‘Our Little Life’. I don’t see anything special about this show. A young couple with baby is the subject. Big deal. There are millions of young couples with babies. I don’t see what is interesting about the show that would keep you watching. The wife who’s name is Becky, is irritating. She is another Kate Gosselin the way she talks to her husband. Craig, her husband, just stands around and takes care of the baby. He is a stay at home dad while she works as a customer service rep. Now being a stay at home dad is tough. I don’t doubt that. Interesting though it is not.

The other shows that feature dwarfs on TLC at least have something going on other than people who are short stature. The Roloffs have the farm and the crazy funny kids. The Littlest Couple has Jen who is a doctor and is running the NIC unit at her hospital(which kudos to her for that job). What is interesting about Becky and Craig, I can’t figure out. TLC will probably put them in weird situations and see how they react I guess. Becky and Craig are just living their life like everyone else with a baby. There is nothing earth shattering about the show!

One more irritating thought, the title of the show is demeaning. Our life is not little, it is as normal and as big as everyone else’s life. I think a better title would have been ‘Plus one’ or ‘Baby makes Three’. The title also treats the audience as if they were stupid. We get it, they are short, do you have to tell us with every show title.

On another note, I ticked a nut job off in the blogging world. What ticked this crazy woman off was that I have a tag line of when I post any comment on ANY discussion board/comment section. This sent this so called good Mormon girl into a tizzy. She has been the one posting negative comments on my blog and sending the most threatening emails to me. I want to call her bishop over this situation, that’s how bad her emails are getting. Basically she is a bully.

Believe it or not this so called christian woman is head of her relief society. Nice huh? How come it’s always the christian woman that are cruel and vicious?

My husband told me to take the ‘high road’ and leave it be. There are nut jobs in this world and I should just ignore the behavior. I am italian and it is very hard for me to have a thick skin.I will try in this case!

I will think of my weekend at Folly Beach, SC, maybe then I will forget this nasty witch!

Have a great day!