From the heart…

My daughter taught me a life lesson yesterday and she didn’t even know it. Recently Ashley made a new friend at school named Annie. At recess her and Annie play ‘habitat’. Habitat from what I gather is a game where the players build various animal habitats. I have to admit when I heard about this game, I thought it was pretty strange. Yesterday, the game finally made sense to me.

Ashley had a play date with Annie. I was excited to meet this new little girl. She sounded wonderful and I was glad that Ashley was making friends more easily since we moved. It so happens that Annie only lived a couple blocks up the street from where we live. This new friend was fast becoming my favorite new friend!

When we pulled into her driveway, I saw the sweetest little girl from behind the glass door. She had a smile that would melt January snow. She was so excited that Ashley had come to her house to play. Her parents were wonderful. Very warm and welcoming. Annie doesn’t have many play dates her parents explained. They were thrilled that Annie had met Ashley and that the two formed a wonderful friendship.

Ashley urged(told) me to leave(you know kids don’t want their parents around when fun is on the agenda). So I left to do my grocery shopping with the warmest feeling in my heart.

You see Annie has Cerebral Palsy. She walks with a limp and has limited hand use. Her speech has also been affected. My daughter never mentioned this to me. I don’t think Ashley even notices. Ashley created the habitat game for something Annie and her can play during recess. A game Annie could play. Ashley has the biggest compassionate heart that I have ever seen.

When I picked her up, I asked her what did she and Annie do together. Ashley told me that they played Elefun and the Wii. She was teaching Annie how to hold and grip the Wii controller. I was proud all over again. Later that night, I told Ashley that I was extremely proud of her and she is a good kid. She looked at me and asked ‘why’? I didn’t want to tell her why and break the magic of what Ashley is doing. I just shrugged my shoulders and said ‘because you are you’. She kissed me good night and I smiled as she climbed into bed.

Who knew that a nine year old can teach an old mom like me such a life lesson. A very valuable life lesson.

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