long time since we last talked..

Hi! How was your easter/passover? Did you get anything from the Easter bunny? The Easter bunny visited our home and brought a lot of chocolate. Too much chocolate if you ask me.

Let’s catch up. I am working on the story of how Rich and I met. I promise it you it will be good. I am just trying to make events a little less ‘family controversial’ if you know what I mean. I do have family that read the blog so I have to be careful. It will be ready for posting by next week.

In the mean time, Rich has been patiently waiting for the release of the iPad. He has always been on the forefront of Apple technology. He was one of the first in our circle to get the iPod. A year ago when he read about the iPad, he wanted one right away. So for a year he has been waiting for the iPad revolution.

We are not purchasing an iPad right now,Rich just wants to be part of the revolution. So last Saturday we tracked off to the Apple store in Durham to window shop at Apple. When we arrived , we couldn’t get into the store. This was not the line to purchase the iPad but to just ‘look’ at one! Can you believe it? Mr.Jobs must be doing the ‘happy money’ dance AGAIN. It was a twenty minute wait just to get into the store and then another twenty minutes to see the iPad. Rich didn’t have the stamina to wait that long just for a peak so he decided to go to Maggiano’s instead. I was happy with his decision. I don’t share his enthusiasm for what boils down to the smaller version of a laptop computer. Really that’s all it is.

Ashley and I went on a nature walk the other day. The town we live in has many walking trails called ‘Greenways’. The Greenways swirl around the triangle.While walking, Ashley could not shut-up about a boy in her class(I will not reveal his name to protect the innocent!). John this and John that is all I heard. My poor baby has her first crush and it is bad! I thought I would have a few more years before I would have to deal with boys! She finally shut up when came across some ducks.Ducks are a funny creatures. They just mind their business and swim with the flow. I wish I can be more ‘duck’ like in my life. Then maybe I would get a good nights sleep!

I will try to post more often. It just has been busy around these parts. Take care and have a good weekend.

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