A girl and her shoes: The Carrie Bradshaw story……Maybe?

My shoe fetish is not as strong as Carrie Bradshaw’s but I do love a good pair of shoes. Being a dwarf whose shoe size is an adults 4 ½ and in children’s a size 3 makes it impossible to find the most fashionable styles. I do from time to time, hit it lucky and find a great pair of shoes.

There are a few times when being a dwarf pays off and buying kid shoes is one of those times. These days, kids shoe styles are more like adult. I can usually find the same style in kids as in adults. One of my new obsessions are Uggs. I can’t get enough of these wonderful shoes. My feet are always freezing in the winter and these are perfect for toasty feet. I paid half the price for these beauties because I bought the kid version not the adult. The adult version costs 120.00, the kid version were 60.00. Who cannot love a pair of Uggs for half price!

The next favorite brand that fit me is Dansko. Dansko are pricey but the quality is excellent. Dansko sizes follow the European size charts. Europeans must have small feet because a size 34 fits me like a glove. I had these clogs for over ten years. The clogs still look good. There is not much wear and tear.

My new additions are the Dansko sandals. As soon as I tried these on, I had to have them. I gave hubby my ‘sad sack’ face (which always works) and he said ‘okay get the sandals’! I was ready to marry him all over again for a pair of shoes.

The only thing I would love in my closet is a pair of stylish boots. Dwarfs cannot find stylish boots that fit. Children’s size boots don’t fit my calf and the adult boots are too big. If I could get the boots on, it would make me look like I am ready to feed hogs! They would come up to my hip if I can get the boot on at all! Not a pretty site. It is not a fashion statement I would like to make. I will leave the boots to Carrie.

Oh by the way, did any of you see the ‘Little Chocolatiers’ on TLC last night? I was not going to tune-in, but after watching ‘Lost’ I really needed to watch something happy! The show is about a dwarf couple that owns a chocolate shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. I don’t understand TLC’s obsession with dwarfs. I mean they run a business like everyone else does in America. So what they are short! I would love to try their candy but to me the show is not all that exciting.

The show seemed ‘staged’. You can tell by the reaction of the cast to certain situations that occurred. The wife (Katie Masterson) dropped a leg of a chocolate desk just as they were leaving for a delivery. Her reaction was rehearsed. After she dropped the leg, her line was ‘oh no, I dropped the leg, I have to hurry and make another one’. The line was delivered with little emotion. I am sure if you were getting ready for a delivery and dropped your order, there would be a few more words added other than ‘oh no’.

Another staged scene was a customer enters the shop and says ‘it’s cool that midgets make chocolate’. The customer must have some sick Willy Wonka fantasies! You can tell the scene was staged by the customer’s delivery of the line. The ‘actor’, I mean, ‘customer’ was laughing into the camera while saying the line. He was being coached by the director and there had to have been many takes done on the scene. The employees of the store didn’t flinch when the customer said the ignorant statement, which would have occurred in real life. The dwarf couple didn’t get all that upset. The couple did correct the customer that midget is not a correct term used to identify little people and that it is offensive to dwarves.The customer/actor then apologized (without any emotion), bought his candy and went on his way (exit stage left).

TLC is starting to go a little overboard with these shows. Again I love the ‘Littlest Couple’ because it is interesting beyond the dwarfism theme. Jen has a job not many of us ever heard about. C’mon we all watch Grey’s Anatomy, we love doctors to begin with. Now make the doctor a dwarf, it’s a slam-dunk! A couple that owns a store or has a baby, is not very interesting. TLC is starting to border on voyeurism. It is the sideshow channel being delivered into your home every night. It is sort of creepy.

I am starving and need some lunch. In future posts this week, I will show more scrapbook projects and maybe share the story of how my better half and I met. It’s a doozy! Bye for now!

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