School Pages

Another fun filled week has passed. Ashley has been keeping me busy. This time of year is always busy with kids. There are plenty of school activities, church going-ons and sports that keeps a family moving. I did manage to get a little scrapbooking in this week.

I am a chronological scrapbooker. I scrapbook annual events such as birthdays, holidays and unique activities. I also keep a separate heritage album for old family photos and an album about me(things I like, think about, wish for).

I do not keep a separate scrapbook for school years. I think it is just too much to deal with. What I do is during the school year, I hold on to special papers, artwork and accomplishments that I want to save. I also keep a class picture that corresponds with the grade.

I then make a scrapbook page that describes the particular school year. For second grade, I used Ashley’s school picture. The unique project for second grade was making a dinosaur habitat. It was her first science project, so I took a picture of it. This was my focal point of the grade page.

The 2nd page of the layout is the pocket page that holds all the memorabilia from the year. The memorabilia ranged from art work, certificates earned and papers she did well on. Now of course you can’t keep every paper from a school year! You would go nuts if you did. Pick out the papers that stick out, that make you proud of your child. The papers you want to remember later in life when your dear sweet child decides to join a rock band and move to Berlin! Only kidding! Here is the pocket page I made. The school bus diecut is from Cricut’s ‘Stretch your Imagination’ cartridge. I continued with the same lime green cardstock and patterned paper from the first layout.

I believe this is the best way to preserve school memories. It’s easy and quick. You’ll be glad you did!

One last thought. Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow. I have to get blood work done which I hate! They can never find my veins so they have to draw it from my hand. My hand usually swells afterwards and hurts! I hate it! I am actually getting sick to my stomach tonight thinking about it. Wish me luck. Talk to you tomorrow.

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