The revolution is on…..

Many revolutions right now are happening in our country. The first and foremost is the passage of healthcare reform. This is reform that is near and dear to my heart. As you know my husband lost his job and started a business. We both are dwarves thus we both have ‘pre-existing’ conditions. Needless to say, It has been a pain in the ass to find good health insurance. In fact it is almost impossible. We have been denied by almost every insurance company we have applied for.

Our saving grace is in North Carolina , Blue Cross and Blue Shield allows small business’s to purchase insurance. Even one employee businesses like ours. Many insurance companies do not allow buy-ins for single owner/employee businesses. We were lucky to find this plan. Now paying for it is a whole other story. We are coming in at the top tier for the plan. Our monthly premium will be over 1000.00 a month. I am not joking! Now you can understand why I support this piece of legislation.

My conservative friends think this bill is like welfare. It will make people become lazy and be supported for their needs by the government. That the government already has medicare/medicaid. Why do we need more? It will lead to more fraud and government pay-outs. People should work hard for what they want and do not expect anything from your government.

I love my conservative friends but they just don’t understand. None have pre-existing conditions, all have company sponsored healthcare (for now) and none of them have a child that has been denied healthcare. They just don’t get it because they have never experienced the other side of the coin. My friends never worry at night if they will be able to give their child the hormone injection he/she needs in order to lead a normal life. That is one worry no mother should have. Thanks to President Obama, no mother ever will.

Before I loose those friends, lets talk about another revolution. Did anyone watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? It is an amazing show and if you are a mom, I highly recommend it! Jamie Oliver goes into a town in West Virginia and takes over one school’s cafeteria. The school serves pizza for breakfast and chicken nuggets for lunch. This horrifies Mr. Oliver like it should! Now you would think the school would be behind his revolution. Heck no! The cafeteria lady treats him like the bastard at a family reunion. They don’t see what is wrong with what they serve in the school! Jamie has to convince the school to change it’s ways. For the school to serve more healthy options at lunch. We have to stay tuned to see if he succeeds!

If you want to join the school lunch revolution, please check out Slow Food’s ‘Time for Lunch’ campaign. Slow food’s ‘Time for Lunch’ campaign is is a project of Slow Food USA, an educational non-profit with the goal of creating a world in which everyone can enjoy food that is good, clean and fair.

This year, Slow Food is asking parents, teachers and every responsible citizen to speak up and tell Congress that change can’t wait: It’s time to provide our children with REAL FOOD at school.

Through the website you can tell your legislators that you want fresh local food served in your schools. Let your voices be heard! No more pizza or chicken nuggets!

Come and Join the Revolution! I did!

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