Under the weather

This has been a bad health week for me. It started on Monday when I went grocery shopping. I shopped at a different store than usual. I am assuming that the store was built on a concrete slab because my back and hips were killing me by the end of the excursion. I mean my spine was throbbing from my tailbone to my neck! It freaked me out a little. The pain lasted until the next day.

On Tuesday I made beef fajitas. The fajitas were awesome and my family loved it. I am not a real big red meat eater. Maybe once every three months I eat red meat. Now mind you I am not one of those tofu lovin granola types. I just am not into the taste and my family has a history of high cholesterol. Around 4 in the morning, I had the most wicked stomach cramps! I thought I was going to die that’s how bad they were. This always happens when I don’t eat red meat for long periods of time. Before the Fajitas, I think the last time I had red meat was back in November. Wednesday was a wash between the arthritis and stomach cramps.

Today, I woke up with my head swirling. I almost couldn’t stand up. I haven’t had vertigo this bad since I lived in Virginia. My head feels so full, like the ocean is crashing against my brain. Today I cannot be sick. I have a conference/luncheon to go to with my husband and I have to take Ashley to karate. Not a good day to be sick! I took some sinus medicine which is starting to work. I hate it when I am sick. Everything falls behind.

I did manage to apply for some good jobs that I hope I get an interview. I also pulled out my Cricut machine. I love the Cricut for scrapbooking. I usually do a few projects at one time since I don’t have dedicated place for my machine. My favorite cartridge is Pagoda. The cartridge is a new release. You can use it for spring pages, girly pages and summer. I love when you can get more out of your cartridges since they are so damn expensive!

Here is what I made. I am going to use the diecuts for end of school page, school year in review and our trip to Washigton DC.
I will post later this week the pages I make.

I have to go get ready for this conference. Take care and I hope you are having a better week than me!

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