Where did the week go?

This week flew by me. I only accomplished half of what I needed to do! At least I finished my daughter’s Easter shopping. She scored much loot. Target is having a great sale on Easter candy and I had a 40% off coupon for Justice. For those who don’t have a tween in the house, Justice is a store for tween girls. It has everything from clothing to toys. It is the kid’s version of Ann Taylor minus the candy and toys. Not all that Candy is for her. Ashley’s teeth would rot for sure! Every Lent my husband gives up chocolate, so for Easter I make him a small basket of his favorites. I think I did well with the budget I had.

I never was a coupon cutter/deal finder until this past year. This economy changed my shopping habits and I must say for the good. You see my husband was laid-off three years ago from his great job at an affiliate television station. He worked fifteen years for a major network until he was laid-off. It seems one out of every two people who worked in television has been laid-off. Advertising revenue is not what it used to be thus stations/networks had to cut back.

There is a reason for me telling you this story so sit tight. Since every job he applied for had at least 500 applicants(no I am not joking). He decided to venture out on his own. He has wanted to own his own company for years. The job market made him jump off the cliff and do it. His company Davision Media is a full service media/marketing firm. He specializes in media buying, web design, producing/editing and web optimization.

After we moved to Raleigh, we joined the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. We wanted to promote the business locally and to get our name out there as soon as possible. This week, the Chamber held a Women’s Working Luncheon that I attended for Davision Media. The luncheon was held at NC State. It was wonderful to leave my ‘mom’ outfit behind and get dressed up again. This luncheon was a major networking session as well as a teaching session to show us how to balance motherhood with a career. I loved it. It was wonderful to be surrounded by professional women who all have a passion for being a mom as well as for having a career. I have to admit I was a little scared at first. I haven’t been out into the business world since I adopted my daughter and I am shorter than all the attendees. Sometimes people can be a little stand-offish under these circumstance not so this time. The women were so warm and welcoming and I soon felt at ease. I felt so at ease, I surprised myself by talking about the business and handing out business cards.I am definitely going to next month’s women’s seminar.

It’s Lent, it’s Friday, time for fish dinner. I am going to make Charlotte’s fish and egg noodles. Charlotte is my sister-in-law and she has a fantastic white fish recipe. I promise tomorrow I will post the recipe with pictures. Gotta go and cook!

Take care and I hope your week rocked!

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