The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and squirrels are doing the ‘nasty’ in my backyard. It is springtime in the South. I wish the squirrels would get a room! My daughter keeps asking why are the squirrels fighting so much.

My daughter tracked back into school today. Yes, I am doing the happy dance. I love her to death but having a child home for three weeks when the weather is crappy is not fun. I was scheduled to read to her class this afternoon but it was cancelled. A mom from my daughter’s class asked me if I could take her spot since she had other obligations. Her teacher just called me and told me that she has much work to get done and I do not have to come-in. Between me and you, I am sort of happy for the cancellation. I have avoided volunteering at new the school for several reasons. Mainly because my daughter is getting older and I don’t want her to feel more like odd ball out because her mom is a dwarf.

I know ..I know..it is bad that I feel this way. I just want her to blend in for a while. To give her a break from explaining why her parents look different and why she doesn’t look at all like us. I know she will have to answer these questions soon. The move has been hard on her and she misses her old friends. I just wanted to make the transition easy at least for now. Some classmates know already from coming over to our house but the majority don’t.

This is my problem not hers. A couple of weeks ago, I asked her if kids tease her that her parents are dwarfs. She stared out the window for a minute and said I don’t bite the hook. I asked ‘What do you mean’. Ashley then told me that the teacher taught the class that if someone is teasing or saying something mean, just walk away ‘Don’t bite the hook’! At that moment I was proud of my daughter and sort of sad that she has to deal with this. I then asked if she minds that we are different. She replied ‘I love you mom’. That was enough for me.

When we were going through the adoption process for Ashley the director of the agency approached this subject. She told us to visualize an onion. First you peel off that the child is from another country, then you peel off that she is of another race, then in Ashley’s case, you peel off that Ashley has Turner’s syndrome and finally you peel off that she has dwarfs for parents. Then she asked how is your child going to deal with all those layers. My husband responded, she will take her lead from us. She will see that you have to get on with your life no matter what has been handed to you. That you need to put your pants on one leg at a time every day . You have to do the best you can with what you got and to never stop trying. The director then started to cry and said that was the best response she ever heard.

So I need to get over this and deal. Again this is my problem not hers. I need to take my daughter’s lead. I think I am going to email the teacher and ask her if I can read to the class soon. I know my daughter will love it.

Have a great week.

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