Creative Chaos….

My desk is a mess. My laundry room is a mess with piles of laundry that needs to be folded. I need to finish a questionnaire for a fellow blogger. I can’t seem to get caught up this week. Can you tell my daughter is still home from winter break?

I have been trying to get an acrylic mini album done. It’s an album about the places we go. As I have said before I love small albums. The focal point for the album is easy which makes the coming together part simple. I just don’t have the time this week to finish it nor to start on other projects.

Again I am being pulled away from the things I need to get done. My daughter begged me to take her to see ‘Alice in Wonderland’. She is bored out of her mind AGAIN. So off to the movies I go. I love her to death but boy I can’t wait for Monday when she goes back to school!

Gotta go. Hopefully my wash will be folded when I come home.
I know wishful thinking…..

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