An awkward moment

Here we are in gorgeous downtown Charleston, SC. It’s cold but the glorious sun is shining. I promised my daughter that we would do something fun while visiting Grandma. I decided to take her on a carriage ride of downtown.

This is a perfect time of year for a carriage ride of Charleston. There are not many tourists in town and the weather is not sweltering like in the summer.

Off we go to the carriage company. Little did I know the cool weather was going to bring out the crazies on the ride. The Carriage tour had a petting zoo inside of the barn which was entertaining since you had to wait for your assigned ride. Now, in this petting zoo was a miniature pony. Now here is where crazy comes in. My daughter was going to see the pony when a grown man jumped in and started to scream ‘Pony bites, Pony bites’. While he is screaming this, he is trying to stick his fingers down the poor horse’s throat and up it’s nose at the same time! At this point I am praying the pony bites the crazy man. My daughter started to back away from the petting zoo area. Smart move.

Finally the carriage ride is about to start. There are about 12 passengers on the ride. A couple visiting from California not only decided to take their newborn on this hour-long ride but also their Australian Sheep dog who sometimes bites. I was happy to see they sat all the way in the back of the carriage with dog in tow. Ashley and I sat in the front with the Carriage driver/Tour guide.

The tour was going well. We had a great guide and Ashley was enjoying every minute of it. Now as I stated before it is cold today – too cold for a baby to be in an open carriage feeling the ocean breeze. The baby started to scream and I truly felt sorry for the poor kid. It got so bad, that the parents offered to walk back and the carriage driver happily agreed to let them off.

While departing the carriage, the tour guide said to the couple ‘Be careful stepping off, midgets got hurt leaving the carriage’. Now remember I was sitting in the front facing the tour guide. Needless to say as the words left his mouth, he wanted to take it back. He turned red and I mean beet red! He exclaimed ‘I am so sorry ma’am, I didn’t mean to say that’! I really wasn’t paying attention to what he said, I was admiring the scenery at the time. I said that it’s okay I wasn’t listening. He said ‘I act so retarded sometimes!’ Now I busted out laughing. ‘Oh my God’ he exclaimed, I just did it again! He apologized again. I told him no worries, I am not Sarah Palin. Then we both laughed and he told me this is the most embarrassing moment he ever had. I wasn’t offended – and yes a dwarf can get hurt jumping out of the carriage.

The carriage ride ended. Matthew, the tour guide, and me ‘hugged it out’ and then I proceeded to find a place to get hot coffee.

I wasn’t offended by what he said. Sometimes people just don’t think. I guarantee Matthew will never do that again!

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