It’s Tuesday..

My daughter has been on vacation/tracked out for the past week and I am about done with hearing ‘I am bored’! You see my daughter goes to year round school. It is a new experience for both me and my daughter. This is how year round school works. Kids go to school for 9 weeks(track-in) then on the tenth week they are tracked out for three weeks vacation. There are four different tracks that kids are assigned to. Each track has a different track-in/track-out calendar. I know it’s very confusing, it was to us and still is.

You are now probably wondering when do they get promoted to the next grade if it’s a year round calendar. The county sets a school year end date of June 30th for all tracks. The new school year starts a week after the year end date.

Wake County schools have year round calendar because it reduces class size and the need to build new schools. My daughter is in track 2 which is not a popular track because of the way their track-out calendar falls. Since her track is not popular her class is small.There is only 22 kids in her class. Due to the class size being small they get to try different things like team time.

That was the positive side of all year round school. The negative is my daughter is home from school in the middle of February when the weather is lousy. Another minus is her summer vacation isn’t until the very end of August so she goes to school for most of the summer.What else I hate is that all the kids in the neighborhood are on different tracks. When she is tracked out, she really doesn’t have any playmates.

As you can tell, I am not a big fan of year round school. It’s just another thing I am trying to get used to since the move.

Even though my time has been spent as activity director, I was able to get a little scrapbooking done this week. Here is the page I created using the new Basic Grey line ‘Origins’. The title is in a Journaling block from the line as well as the brads used. In the journaling area I used Jenni Bowlin buttons and calendar. I love the look of the Jenni Bowlin calendar cards. In fact I love most of the vintage items coming out on the market. My favorite vintage company is 7 Gypsies. AC Moore now sells 7 Gypsies which made me very excited today(I know I lead a very boring life).

Last night I watched one of my favorite shows ‘The Little Couple’ on TLC. It’s about a newly married dwarf couple. The wife(Jen) is a doctor and the husband(Bill) runs his own business. I love this show because it so reminds me of me and my husband.The dynamics between them is exactly like us. Bill tries to fix something and then Jen comes home and changes everything around! Just like Me and Rich. I have a six degree connection to Jen. My doctor in Pittsburgh was her professor at Pitt. She told me that Jen was a very determined young lady. You can definitely tell that she is a good doctor! You must check it out. It is really a good show!

I must go, I need to think about dinner. Hope you are having a great week!

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