The weather fits my mood today. Here is why. My daughter has a genetic condition called Turners Syndrome. Basically what the condition boils down to she will be short stature unless treated by a growth hormone injection. Since her body does produce the hormone just very slowly, she can get these injections safely.

Now to why I am frustrated. Every year you have to get a new prescription for the growth hormone. The prescription will last a whole year. It is set-up this way so you can just order the medicine when needed. Since moving not only did we need to get a new prescription but also had to have our address changed with Eli-Lilly who monitors the program. UNC Children’s health was to handle all the changes and told me back in OCTOBER this was completed. For some reason, UNC never did the change of address for us and only wrote the prescription script for January not the whole year! This is a major pain-in-the-ass because now I have to go through the approval process again with the pharmaceutical company.

Since I have been trying to resolve this issue since January, I am about out of time and patience. Yesterday when I called UNC and asked the person at UNC Endocrinology what went wrong and when will it be resolved, her response was very vague(vague meaning that you can hear the air floating around her brain). I then asked for her supervisor to which she laughed. After giving me her supervisor’s name and number, she told me there was nothing she can do today for my problem!

To make a long story short, my third call to the supervisor’s voice mail to which I threatened to call UNC Patient Relations over this matter, I finally got a call back. She apologized for her employee and herself. She told me she is going to look into this issue first thing in the morning and get right back to me.

Well, that was yesterday and it’s 10:42 and I still haven’t heard. Folks we have a broken healthcare system. I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democratic or Independent, we should all get behind reform. I want a reliable system that flows and one that we don’t have to get bogged down with paper. Costs too should be kept in check. These injections cost $1000.00 a vial and my out of pocket is $200.00 a month. The only people benefiting from this system is the fat cat health providers and the insurance companies. At one time everyone is going to have a health crisis and if you have insurance or not, you will have a fun time trying to get your procedures and medicine approved. We need reform and we need reform NOW.

Getting a little political brings me to the cool place I went to on Sunday with my neighbors. My new neighbors are precinct chairs for the Democratic Party of Raleigh. There is going to be a run-off in November for the State Congressional seat for this precinct. The Democratic nominee is the incumbent Chris Haggerty. Sunday was the kick off for his campaign.The campaign kick off was held at the Goodwin house. The Goodwin house is the home of the Democratic party for the State of North Carolina. I loved going into this house. I love old architecture. Old architecture will be another topic, another time.

It was a very interesting meeting. I found out that our precinct is not interested in education, taxes or jobs but puppy mills! My face dropped when Mr.Haggerty said this is the number one issue his office gets inquiries for. I just couldn’t believe it. Now don’t get me wrong, I am against puppy mills but I think there are more pressing issues going on especially in Wake County. Our school superintendent just quit, many companies in RTP are laying off and everyone is worried about their taxes going up(or at least, I thought).

Now his republican opponent is not addressing any of the issues that I stated above. The republican platform is secession from the United States. I am not kidding. The republican candidate wants North Carolina to secede from the United States!

This meeting was a real eye opener for me. I didn’t know puppy mills and secession were the biggest issues facing North Carolinians! If you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Martian, we as Americans need to get involved in our government. This madness needs to stop and the only people that can do this is us. Remember we are ‘we the people’. If we don’t get involved, the wheel will stay broken. Go out and find out who is in your local level of government and find out what are the local level issues. I promise you will be as surprised as I was.

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