In the low country…


It’s that time of year again, a time that I anticipate with some nervousness. That’s right it’s, family vacation time. Why you ask I am not thrilled for vacation. For starters, I am sort of a hermit, second and most importantly it is a real pain-in-the ass. Going somewhere that is so not accommodating for someone who is four feet tall really sucks. I miss my bed, stools and easy access to the bathroom sink. At least this trip does not involve getting on a plane.


We are at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort. If you wondering where Hilton Head is located, just follow any rich old person from the northeast when the weather gets cold. It’s their first pitstop before Boca. A few never make it to Boca, they just camp out on the golf course.

The resort is rather nice. It’s more low key than Disney World. There is no Mickey meet and greets, no kids running around screaming on sensory overload and absolutely no princess except the ones from New York. It’s just a nice quite place with beach access and a killer pool.

We are a low key vacation type of family. You will not catch us playing golf, river rafting, zip lining or scaling mountains. Those activities are saved for the Roloff family and their TV show(and the medical team that goes with them).


The most exciting activity for us is mini golf. We are mini golf freaks! Rich usually wins followed by Ashley. I always come in last place. My attention span for the game only lasts until the 6th hole. Hello my name is Donna and I have mini golf ADD. By the eighth hole, I am starting to think about lunch or worse start talking pictures of the course, birds, ashley, fountains, etc. Rich is constantly telling me to pay attention. I am paying attention to koi fish in the pond.



All in all it is nice to get away, have a change of scenery and spend time with my best peeps. It was a fun trip but I am glad that tomorrow I will be home and in my own bed.

Have fun on all your family adventures this summer.


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